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Not only at centre of Istanbul, but also at centre of your life! Being the 4th project established with the “Plus” concept by Emay Construction for those giving importance to the life quality, Kentplus Centrium takes place in İçerenköy Fındıklı.

 Through “Centrium Park” composed of 3 blocks and “Centrium Tower” composed of 1 residence, Kentplus Centrium is composed of 796 flats in total on an area of 22.000 m2 area. Each one of the four blocks in the project has been positioned in accordance with the land structure. In this positioning, it has been cared that the blocks do not prevent each other’s sunlight and landscape. So, each block saves limitless landscape of forest and sea for watching by KentPlus Centrium dwellers.

 There are 52 different flats with sea and forest landscapes according to each taste and need. While there are 1+0, 1+1 and 2+1 type flats to be used as home office in KentPlus Tower, there are flat options from 1+1 to 4+1, normal floor, duplex, townhouse and garden or floor terrace alternatives in Centrium Park.

Site Features

  • Parking lot and parking garage
  • 24-hour security with camera
  •  Playgrounds for children
  •  Cafe & Restaurant
  •  Outdoor swimming pool
  •  Tennis court
  •  Basketball court
  •  Walking and activity areas

In addition to all those social options, the second one of Pleon Sportivo, which is one of the most developed and modern sport centre in Turkey having an indoor area of 7000m2 in Batı Ataşehir that Emay Construction has created through Plus Concept KentPlus projects and which draws interest and attention by Istanbul dwellers, serves within KentPlus Centrium. In Pleon Sportivo which serves through subscription system, KentPlus Centrium dwellers are presented special privileges.

 An industrial vocational high school has been established within the project which bears the signature of the Architect Ömer ÇAMOĞLU, and it has been granted to the Ministry of National Education. Drawing attention through its being near to the private universities, KentPlus Centrium is the central investment means of the Anatolian continent through its smart architecture, special residence services, technological substructure, different flat options, and near position to Bostanci.